Posted by: Christine Donovan | January 22, 2010

“Why am I not serious?”

I’ve recently discovered the writing and philosophy of Steve Chandler — — an author, coach and guru who has some profound things to say.  Last year he launched “Club Fearless,” a membership club, generally comprised of entrepreneurs and independent thinkers, which provides an opportunity to share creative ideas and benefit from Steve’s insights.

As a member of “Club Fearless,” I receive a daily motivational message from Steve.  I wanted to share this one with you (with permission of course).   It continues Steve’s focus on the benefits of optimism and the pitfalls of pessimism.(Bold highlights are mine for emphasis):

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“Why am I not serious?   — Steve Chandler, Club Fearless

A person who is laughing, is open for anything. 

People ask me why I am not serious. Why I favor humor over almost anything else, especially in my seminars (come experience one on April 10) and in our webinars. Why? You can drive a truck through the opening that happens when you get another person to crack up.

My intention is to split their sides howling at how hilariously ridiculous pessimism is. Then you get them to become extremely angry. You want them to get as angry as possible about the time they have wasted pretending to be victims. The whole addiction our society has to being victims is the sickest thing humankind has ever experienced. The irony is this: the more privileged people become, the more they see themselves as victims. Just like the more you spoil a child, the nastier and more feral that child becomes.

The problem with living as a spoiled child is that it is a total waste of life. I know this because I wasted 33 years of my own life as a victim. It was a waste of life. Any time we are not creating, we are wasting life. When people accept it that they have been lying to themselves, the truth arises by itself. I don’t have to “tell” anyone the truth about themselves, they know it and see it. And they love it. It is the same truth that they intuitively saw when they were as yet unspoiled children living in joy and energy.

As an adult, that energy goes away, but only a VICTIM LIE can do that. When we keep repeating that lie, and adding new lies, it becomes an addiction. Just like any other addiction to any other drug that numbs the senses. These lies are mind-numbing because that is our intent. They are like an overdose of prescription tranquilizers, the slow suicide that we were too cowardly to just come out and do in the open. Like Nathaniel Branden says, “Self destruction is an act best performed in the dark.” My intention in life is to re-introduce as many people as I can to the light.

I will post additional writings from Steve as time and space permit.

Until tomorrow…

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