Posted by: Christine Donovan | January 17, 2010

The 9th and 10th New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders

Only two New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders left!  So I’m even going to post them both together; no need to drag this out needlessly…

New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders — Nos. 9 and 10:

9. Build and maintain good relationships with others, especially your boss.

Studies have shown that employees tend to trust leaders who have good relationships with their superiors and others in the company.

Professor Robert Kelley, in his book, How to Be a Star at Work, says that one of the essential competencies for corporate success is the ability to build relationships within and outside of the organization. Get to know co-workers, bosses, vendors, customers and community leaders.

You can never have enough good relationships.

10. Praise your team.

Somewhere along the way, many managers got the idea that leading was all about criticizing, nagging and fault-finding. There is an unconscious mindset that believes, “If I put down my employees, they’ll have to respect me.” Wrong.

I’m sure you can see the weakness in that thinking, but it’s astounding how many leaders believe it, even if at an unconscious level. Author/consultant Stephen Covey says that we need to consistently make deposits into others’ emotional bank accounts (sincere compliments, positive feedback) and then we’ll have a fund to ‘withdraw’ from when/if we need to give constructive criticism. Plus, most people get so little positive feed-back in this world, that the leader who offers it consistently will command tremendous loyalty and respect.

So these have been my Ten Leadership New Year’s resolutions for 2010. I hope you find them helpful. Wishing you a great and successful year..!


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