Posted by: Christine Donovan | July 23, 2009

What’s your vision?

“Give us clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for – because unless we stand for something we shall fall for anything.”  — Peter  Marshall                 



I have a friend who seems to have a new idea, problem, or personal project every time I see her.  

Recently she exuded enthusiasm over a new weight loss diet which was going to change her life.  But by the next week she had dropped the diet (that she didn’t have time for) because she’d found a new MLM product that would make her “millions.  A few days later, she decided that MLM wasn’t for her, and she wandered into a new church (the third or fourth one this year) that had the spiritual answers she’d been looking for. 

She’s a very bright and talented person, and yet (as far as I know) she’s never succeeded at anything she’s tried  — the diets, the make-money-quick schemes, the religions, the boyfriends, the assorted classes and schools, and countless gurus.

I’ve tried my best to coach her into pursuing ONE thing and sticking with it, and she did it for awhile, but just couldn’t stay with anything for very long.  And yet, she wonders why she continues to struggle, and why all of her projects fail.

“I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life.  The problem is that I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want.” — Mark Twain

Having a clear vision and making it your life’s passion is the absolute, unequivacle first requirement for success in life.

I like this explanation from About.comYour personal vision statement guides your life.  Your personal vision statement provides the direction necessary to guide the course of your days and the choices you make about your career.  Your personal vision statement is the light shining in the darkness toward which you turn to find your way.  Your personal vision statement illuminates your way

As Steven Covey has a great approach, “Begin with the end in mind.”  Not to be morose, but Covey asks, “What do you want said in your eulogy?  How do you want your life defined?  By the money you’ve made, the home you’ve owned, the people you’ve hung out with? 

Or do you have a bigger vision… maybe to make a difference and to leave a legacy?

If my friend had a vision, she wouldn’t be so distracted by every new idea that crosses her path.  If you have a vision, your life will have a natural focus; you will measure every new person, project against it — Is this new thing taking you closer or further away from the bigger goal?

So ask yourself today: What do I want to leave behind? How do I want to impact the world? What talents and gifts do I have that other people need? Am I wasting my life doing things that don’t matter in the big picture?

Today, write down 5 things that you do very well.  Then choose one that you can use to touch and help others and make it your vision. 

That is your gift; The world is waiting for it.

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