Posted by: Christine Donovan | July 13, 2009

Behaving like a “grown-up” online…

I’ve been thinking about this new and  innovative concept called “kindness,” (re: my last post), and the fact that there seems to be much more anger, intolerance and cynicism in our world than there is empathy and patience.

To illustrate the point, I looked up what should have been a non-political, non-controversial discussion board, but within 30 seconds found that it had evolved into a shouting match.  I wasn’t surprised, but saddened — this seems to be the norm out there.

So I’m going to share it with you to illustrate my point.  Following are some random comments to an MSN article called: The “10 Worst Automotive Fads”

How people can turn a conversation about classic cars into a free-for-all, is beyond me.  Sadly, I think it gives us a clear window to the human condition of this millenium … or, as I’d mentioned in my earlier post about kindness… maybe it’s always been there but the anonymity of the Internet has allowed it to escape in its unbridled glory.

 (I’m leaving the typos and misspellings in… they say something about the character of the poster, in my humble opinion.)

“…Well now, I don’t usually get personal, but you are one of the biggest boneheads I have ever had the displeasure of reading on the Internet. I honestly thought this post was a joke at first, but as I read on I came to the conclusion you are just pretty far out there. I am everything you dislike. I own a 4X4 Suburban with a built 383 stroker … etc.

“…First of all leave the politics out, you’re not being informative, just annoying. we’re not living under a rock, we all know what’s going on…

“…So much anger going back and forth – nothing to do with cars. Maybe we’ll all be happier if we forget about politics for a while…It never fails to get me mad. So I’m swearing it off for a while.Thanks for the added inspiration…

“…morons like you show how little you know about what is really going on in the USA. You make up 99 percent of the nonsense that comes out of your mouth only to try to belittle others. There are no facts, just fiction, like your whole life. It must be horrible to live in such an awful place like the USA for you.

“…I take offense to the comments of this author.  I own both a Chevy Tahoe and a 1969 Z/28 Camaro that sports a vinyl top.  I would not trade either for 2 band new Hybrid cars. 

“…I think the writer of this article <….> is a joke and a Metro Fad himself!!

“…Ok… so… every damn car has ugly fads? Get a dam life! What bad can a digital display do? As for the rims, the dice, and the big SUV’s I could give less than a damn. BUT… fake wood finish? That actally looked good on the cars. Anyways, I rate this… writting witha  1/20. Sorry, yo do not convince me.

“…Why does everything now have to come down to a heated political debate? This started out talking about moronic automobile fads and it turned into a left vs right wing (mostly left) debate. Let’s talk about fake wood paneling OK? Get off the soap box for 2 and a half seconds.

“…I’m outa here.  I ended up in a political slap down site.  For some reason I was under the impression  this was a place to talk about cars, trucks and the like.  Many of the nasty barbs just don’t  belong at a discussion board designed for something else.  

“…To the webmaster, I really suggest you get some control over your domain. I’m a little old for this junior high school name calling stupidity.

“…How old are the people criticizing the fads ? If you over 70 and don’t understand and  your incapable of understanding people. If you under 40  and you don’t understand your just plane dumb.

“…Try puting yourself in the place of the people who thought any “Fad” was good. If you can’t do that you really should shut up. Your showing you stupidity.

“…I thought the article was about car fads!  Wow, did I accidently click to

“…And for the people that have turned this into a political debate, you are all morons.”

So consider the fact that these are probably the same people you work with, go to church or school with, or are your neighbors.  Makes you wonder what is really brewing under the surface of their seemingly nice facades —  Lord help us…

Well that’s it for today.  I need to go read something positive to remind me that there is still hope for humanity… <sigh> See you tomorrow.

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