Posted by: Christine Donovan | June 15, 2009

Living in Excellence: It Starts with Attitude

I’ve had a book evolving in my head for quite some time, focused on achieving  excellence in life and at work.  I’ve been allowing it to develop on its own time, but am getting closer to outlining and actually writing it. 

We’re living in an age where work ethic and character are fast becoming values of the past, giving way to entitlement mentality and “I want it now” expectations.

 So today I wanted to talk about achieving excellence, and launch a series on living an excellent life.   And it rarely happens without some sacrifice and real effort. 

So I begin at the beginning… where all human accomplishment, as well as all human defeat is born — in our attitude.

I’ve talked about attitude in my posts about customer service, an essential business discipline in which attitude can make the difference between success and disaster.  Attitude possesses incredible influence.  Our entire life revolves around how we see ourselves and the world around us…. expressed in our attitude.

The paradox is that the very people with lousy attitudes, whose lives are full of anger, illness, broken relationships and financial struggles, absolutely don’t see how their own negativity brings about the very thing for which they complain.   

And until we can look ourselves squarely in the eye and REALIZE how much our attitude has created all the problems in our lives, we cannot move forward.  We cannot succeed.  And we certainly can’t lead a life of excellence.

So it all starts in our brain, in our attitude.  And the good news is – your life can change in a whisper of a second. 

Take a look at yourself; ask others for feedback. 

Are YOU the problem?

Can you use an attitude adjustment?

More tomorrow…

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