Posted by: Christine Donovan | May 5, 2009

Second Time Around

This is my second blog. I fell out of love with the first one.  It wasn’t much of a blog; more of an experiment, and I’ve learned a lot since then.

I was new at the sport of blogging and just sort of rambled without focus or vision. But now I’ve decided to have another go at it. More focused, more inspired, and with purpose.

Anyway, I’ve lived an interesting, if not unusual life, and so my chosen means of income is to share insights and expertise with those who may benefit (i.e. as a speaker and business trainer). For you personally, it may or may not be beneficial, depending upon your needs and your own depth of experience of course, but perhaps you’ll at least be entertained. Or, maybe this will give you a different perspective on life; or you may just say, “Who is this woman and why is she blogging anyway?”

Because I can. But seriously, because I like to help the stressed, confused, and those seeking knowledge. I get true fulfillment from knowing that my own missteps in life can prevent others from tripping over the same rocks. I’m still confused about a lot of things too, and newly stressed because of the wobbly world around us. But we’re all on this journey together, and I believe that those of us further up the mountain have an obligation to give a hand to those climbing up behind, or to the side, or even who have gotten ahead of themselves. Lord knows, I’m still reaching out to those up ahead … and always will.

So I’m here to share my thoughts about a world in which few bother to get to the mountain anyway. It’s been my experience that those “obsolete” values of hard work, integrity, sacrifice, and excellence are more than relevant today… they are foundational. They are the mandatory training ground for success at any level.

Please join me on the journey toward excellence; who knows where it may take us.


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